Wednesday 7 July 2010

Beyond trade sale - and seeking CEO/COO opportunities with Private Equity or Venture Capital backed businesses

Now that we have sold Bmycharity, a business we developed from concept through profitability to trade sale and which I led as CEO, I'm seeking opportunities to put the many lessons learned to good use.  I'm advising a small number of companies on an interim basis, and looking for deals in which my management skills can make a key difference both to sales growth and to cost management.

Much of my research focus is on healthcare and renewable energy, but with 10 years of experience in developing online challenger marketing propositions and using new media and new technology to drive down operating costs, I'm seeing potential in a wide range of sectors where organisations are attempting to come to terms with the threats and opportunities of the new economic environment, and the accelerating pace of technology and new media innovation.

My co-founder and CTO at Bmycharity, Matt Cooper, is also hunting for new projects that will benefit from his technical leadership.  He's exceptionally good at delivering high-performance technology-based services at ruthlessly low costs, and we're collaborating on analysis of several potential value propositions.

This site will chart my search for leads and deals - though I'm always careful to protect confidentiality.  Please comment, challenge and join in!  I believe in "playing it forward", so if you want to get in touch to share ideas please do.  If I can't help directly I may be able to put you in touch with someone who can.


  1. Ben,

    Knowing how you work and appreciating your exceptionally strong business acumen, I would like to ask whether you would agree that I forward your profile details to some small businesses in Greece. I am certain that many of the "lessons learned" could be applied internationally and the current Greek business environment is a quite challenging one to operate in.

    Best wishes,

    Tassos Vavladellis

  2. Congrats on the new endeavour Ben


    Guy Aubertin