Motivational Speaking

I have been invited to speak to groups as diverse as senior NHS leaders and Software as a Service experts, and to talk on topics from perseverance and leadership decision-making to working in hostile environments.

When speaking, I aim to shine a positive light on challenging situations. I encourage people to achieve by realising their potential, and I highlight ways to develop a positive approach. I often illustrate presentations with reference to my experiences as a Royal Marine, investment banker and entrepreneur.

I enjoy tackling new and unfamiliar subjects and making them accessible to any audience. I bring a light touch to topics and make my presentations as participatory as possible. I believe that if a subject is entertaining it is also memorable.

I'm always pleased to discuss speaking engagements, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss how I can help.

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  1. Several weeks ago Ben spoke to a group of senior NHS leaders on the topic of perseverance. His open, honest and humble start propelled into an intelligence, considered and inspiring talk of the qualties and reality of perseverence. A talk of values and goals that resonates with me still. Thanks Ben. Steve Andrews (Instructor, NHS Staff College)